Seabreeze Silver is nowadays situated in Renate Sommer’s home studio at 26 Coorong Crescent, Encounter Bay. We don’t have much jewellery on display here but are happy to show what is and to talk about anything you are wishing for.

Perhaps look on the online shop (link below) or drive by 20 High Street, Willunga (Temple Jewellery Designs) to see what is available there at the moment.

Phone 0468 761 370 for an appointment…. OR….

Contact me via email at
renatesommer@dodo.com.au  …. OR..

or look at images of commissions and other favourite pieces on Pinterest
https://www.pinterest.com/silversommer/seabreeze-silver/   …. OR..

go to…  www.etsy.com/shop/SeabreezeSilver

OR, if the above ain’t enough….


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