Water on sand wedding rings Two tone wedding ring set Grevillea Ring  Rambling Vine RingSeaweedy bangleDiane's black sapphire ring3 Opal rings Pendant for Robyn Leafy Seadragon Pendant. sterling silver, copper, coloured pencil Anne's Amethyst Rae's pendant  Butterfly pendant  Seaweedy Pendant No 7 Leafy Seadragon PendantDove and heart pendantDiving Ducks pendant3 Leaf and Citrine pendant Bird on leaf stem front x 600 dpiSay a little prayer for 4 600dpispiney leaf insect with ruler Cicada Wing EarringsCathy's earrings in opal, 18 kt gold, fine silver and mokume ganeMokume Gane, 18kt gold, Australian Opal and fine silver earrings Little silver box with amethyst flower

2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hello Renate, Its Di and Brian from Port Elliot
    We bought a few pieces from you and wondered if you currently have many pieces at home. We are about to start looking for an 18th gift and a 40th birthday gift for Family, As an example i love the dove and heart pendant that is on your site. Would love to hear from you,

    1. Hello Di and Brian

      I was thinking it was about time I looked at this website and find a message from you from a couple of months ago. This website used to forward messages to but looks like something’s changed.

      My apologies for this. I don’t keep much in stock at home these days as it usually goes straight onto the shelves at Temple Jewellery in Willunga but if you are still interested in something of mine then do give me a call on 0468 761 370.

      I have time to make things and lots of photos to choose from.

      Kind regards,

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